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Find Your Balance With Total Body Glucose Support  
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NeoLife Glucose Balance

Find Your Balance With Total Body Glucose Support

Balancing the uptake and utilization of glucose is one of the most important physiological processes of the body as glucose is a key fuel. If too little glucose is available at any given time it undermines health and vitality by compromising cellular energy production; thus, the function of critical tissue, organs and systems within it. Too much glucose on the other hand can react with and harm body tissues and disturb the body’s natural fat storage systems; inducing unhealthy weight gain, increasing risk of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases, and ultimately disrupting
or even destroying portions of the circulatory system, putting the entire body at risk. Throughout our lives maintaining healthy, effective glucose balance is vital. For an increasing portion of the population the ability to maintain glucose balance and control has been compromised.

In 2014 the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published data derived from 2012 investigations estimating that more than 29 million Americans (9.3% of the population) had diabetes. Additionally, they pointed out that more than three times that many (37%) or about 86 million Americans age 20 and older had prediabetes. Combined, that means as of 2012 nearly half of the US population 20 years of age or older suffers from some form of this disease.(1) Since that time, rapidly growing data shows it is only getting worse.

To address this epidemic, The NeoLife Scientific Advisory Board has created a safe, drug-free, blood glucose support product. This unique and exclusive combination of the bioactive botanicals; cinnamon, turmeric and curcumin, combined with GTF chromium and alpha-lipoic acid, delivers broad, natural, evidence-based support for normal healthy glucose balance. Formulated to work with the body’s own natural biochemistry, NeoLife Glucose Balance represents yet another example of how our understanding of carbohydrate metabolism enables us to produce products that can contribute to lifelong health and vitality.

Why A Glucose Balance Supplement?
• To help support healthy glucose levels in the body
• To support normal pancreatic function for healthy insulin levels.
• To maintain normal insulin activity

Why NeoLife’s Glucose Balance?
• NeoLife exclusive Ayurvedic Botanical Blend provides powerful whole food botanical ingredients; cinnamon, curcumin and turmeric proven with leading-edge modern clinical science to support healthy glucose levels during fasting and after meals*.
• Cassia cinnamon is the most studied and proven effective form for supporting healthy glucose metabolism and healthy blood glucose levels. In addition, cinnamon has been shown to support normal insulin production and sensitivity and to help support and maintain a healthy cholesterol profile*.
• Curcumin is the most bioactive phytonutrient component of turmeric; curcumin has been shown to support the normal healthy production and function of insulin*.
• Tumeric is an antioxidant phytonutrient that provides a broad spectrum of curcuminoids as well as beneficial effects to balance inflammation, and helps maintain normal healthy blood glucose levels*.
• Provides chromium from GTF yeast, the most bioactive form. Chromium is a critical co-factor with insulin and essential for the normal healthy metabolism of carbohydrates, and also to maintain normal cellular responsiveness to insulin*.
• Alpha-lipoic acid provides protection from free radicals created during metabolic processes, and also helps support healthy blood sugar levels and maintain normal insulin sensitivity*.
• 100% Vegan
• GMO-free ingredients are used
NeoLife Glucose Balance uses a proprietary Ayurvedic Botanical Blend of whole food ingredients known to support normal blood glucose balance in three primary ways:
1. Manage Glucose Uptake
2. Optimize Insulin Sensitivity
3. Maximize Insulin Receptor Function*


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Listing ID: 7789
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